Penny Dreadful Episode 1

Episode 1 (Spoilers obvz)

The opening moments of Penny Dreadful are probably the scariest so far, but I’m a bit of a wet blanket when it comes to scary things so maybe that was just me. It certainly was effective in setting both the tone and time frame for the series – bar it flashing up with the date and city just to let you know. A poor, ragged woman taking a dump and being dragged out a window is quite an opener!

After this initial moment we are then slowly introduced to the characters that will be the main focus, I presume, of the show. With Mrs Ives/Eva Green being shown to be praying before a cross, then contorted by some sort of spirit, and Ethan/Josh Hartnett shooting things really fast – this also being what they do throughout the remainder of the programme.

The last thing I seen with Josh Hartnett in it was 30 Days Of Night, where he was running really fast most of the time, so there is a recurring theme with his roles. He only takes a part if he can do something fast a fuck.

It isn’t long before you are thrown into the action, with Ethan being hired by Mrs Ives on behalf of Sir Malcom/Timothy Dalton. With introductions made they then meet 3 vampires who like to chill out in what looks like an underground car park and dress like Greenday. After a quick battle where we are see Timothy Dalton laying a beatdown on the leader of the pack, you are then confronted with body parts, dead babys and the master vampire. Awoken from under a pile of bodys – his fave place to chill – he rises to show his tall, skeletal body and long, sharp teeth. Personally I liked the look of the creature, different from just a standard guy with fangs. More like the freaky vamps from Blade 2.

Its shortly after this point that you discover the main premise of the episode and a recurring aim, which is to find Sir Malcolm’s daughter, which has been taken by such a creature. This becomes a bit confusing after episode 2 (so did she get taken by one of these things or did she soil herself and die on an adventure?).

Following on from this the body of the creature is then taken to a researcher called Victor who opens the skin to discover Egyptian hieroglyphics. Now that’s a turn up for the books as I certainly didn’t expect that, Egyptian vampires, yas. Then Ethan is asked to join Ives and Malcolm on their quest, and him and Ives get a bit flirty. Later on that night, Malcolm is confronted by a vision, I think, of his daughter as a vampire, spurring him on to finder as she must be close by and wanting to cure her of the curse.

The last thing of significance in this episode is perhaps the final scene with doctor Victor aka Victor Frankenstein who accidentally awakens his creation. His creation just looks like an extra from Eastenders. *Cue Eastenders theme tune*

Episode 2 (coming soon)

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