So i’ve not had as much time to play Dark Souls recently, after starting a new job just over a month ago, so progress has been slow. I’m getting there though, and it has certainly be rewarding. Although that rewarding feeling and sense of accomplishment is what comes after hours of throwing your controller across the room and loudly swearing at your TV.


 It has been a while since I updated the blog, so i’ve made it a fari way further into the game since the first post. I am now in the city of Anor Londo. A place where creatures are larger in every way, adn if they aren’t they are annoyingly dangerous in some other way. Londo is a city high up in the sky that you are carried up to when you ring the second bell..i think. I can’t really remember, its all been a blur to be honest. I’ve faught more gargoyles and giant knights than you could shake a lightning spear at in the past few hours, and it rarely seems to get easier.

 Perhaps the most annoying part of the game so far has got to be player invasions. I experienced this for the first time today as I was working my way through the final castle area, sluging it out against silver knights left, right and center when some kind soul invaded my game. This was perhaps the msot tense moment of Dark Souls so far. I knew he was coming for me, but i also knew he would have to find me. So i equipped my ring of sacrifice and hid in a corner. He would no doubt be more powerful than me so my only option was to hide or run. I could not see him anywhere…..it was all quiet. I ran to the door and when it opened I seen a red figure trying to open it at the same time. He froze for a second, sprinted behind me backstabbed me and murdered me, before taking a bow. WHAT A BALLSACK.

I turned my online off after this.

 I have just stumbled accross a giant blacksmith. I feel like this is a good place to leave it. GOODBYE.