Penny Dreadful

Penny Dreadful, the new series based in Victorian times follows a group of characters and their encounters with mythical creatures such as vampires, were-wolfs as well as Frankenstein’s monster, Dorian Grey and some added demonic possession.

At this point I have watched the first two episodes. I will give a brief synopsis of each one, as well as my thoughts on what was good and what was bad. That bad mainly being Billy Pipers Irish accent. I have no idea what the fuck she was saying half the time, and considering as a Scotsman i’m used to heavy accents and fast paced chat, I’m going to blame Billy rather than my ability to hear.

Overall I am enjoying this show so far, at times it is genuinely creepy and tense; in particular the first 2 minutes of the first episode, where I absolutely shat it. The characters are interesting, the atmosphere is suitably dark, and the creatures look pretty cool. I like my programme dark and gritty – which has became a bit of a trend these days for TV, but I’m not complaining – and this certainly that, with already some brutal moments.

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