Dark Souls

Dark Souls:

I have recently started playing Dark Souls and thought I would write about my progress as I go. I had previously tried to play the game, but had an old battered Xbox that just did not like to play my disks and every time I died it would stop reading the disk. Now considering you die every 5 seconds in Dark Souls, this resulted in me giving up and trading it in. However I now have a new Xbox, and when I say new I mean just a slightly less older version of the shitty old model 360. It’s a struggle to hear the game over the hum of the fan which sounds more like a hoover, but apart from that its a slick piece of kit.

Since I have some previous experience playing the game I found the combat system easier to get into this time around. I find it reminiscent of The Witcher in terms of the difficulty and the (at times) clunky combat, but this is even harder. Starting in The Undead Asylum your thrown straight into the game. Within about 10-15 minutes of wandering around following notes the teach you how to play the game, you already face the first boss which is large, intimidating and powerful. First time I fought this Boss, it took me few tries, but second time around I found it relatively easy.

After finishing off the boss and being taken to the main area where you will return to throughout the game, Firelink Shrine, the game truly begins. The thing that bugs me about Dark Souls, is the lack of introduction to the story, objectives, characters, areas and everything really. This is probably down to the fact that the majority of games are designed to be cinematic, with in-depth introductions to the story, clear objectives and polished game play so It can be strange at first to have a game that has very little of this. This is Dark Souls, no bells or whistles, just you running about trying to guess what your supposed to be doing. I remember first making my through the Undead Burg to have a drake/dragon swoop down, set me and the enemies alight and prevent me from heading towards a door way. No warning, musical change or any sort of introduction. Just a giant dragon, boss like monster appearing from nowhere, setting you alight and telling you to get to fuck. This happens constantly. You walk through a door, stumble across a boss, get beaten to a bloody pulp, lose all your souls and potentially start at a bonfire miles away. It’s at these moments that you want to throw your console out the window, and send abusive tweets to the sick creators of this game.

However, the things that make the game infuriating are also the things that make it brilliant and rewarding. Theres no greater feeling than finally landing the killing blow on a boss that has taken you hours upon hours of trying, failing, watching Youtube tutorials, trying again and still failing. The fact that over powered creatures can jump out, or be behind every door (or white light in this case) makes the game tense and really sucks you into the game play.

Not too far into the game at this point, but will keep posting as I go. Unless I truly lose my mind and smash the fuck out the game. Either way I’ll let you all know.

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